The Captivating Beauty of Tiger Maple: 5 Iconic Creations Featuring This Elegant Wood

The Captivating Beauty of Tiger Maple: 5 Iconic Creations Featuring This Elegant Wood

Tiger maple, also known as curly or fiddleback maple, is renowned for its unique and captivating appearance, resembling the stripes of a tiger. This exceptional wood has been used in a variety of applications, leaving its mark on remarkable creations throughout history. Here are five famous examples of tiger maple at work:

  1. Thomas Chippendale's Furniture: The famous 18th-century English cabinetmaker, Thomas Chippendale, was known to use tiger maple in his intricate furniture designs. His elegant creations were highly sought after, and tiger maple remains a popular choice for reproductions of his work.

  2. Stradivarius Violins: Antonio Stradivari, the legendary Italian luthier, crafted violins using tiger maple for the back, sides, and neck. The wood's unique pattern, combined with its tonal qualities, made it the perfect choice for these prized instruments.

  3. The Rotunda at the University of Virginia: Designed by Thomas Jefferson, the Rotunda features a striking circular room with a domed ceiling. The room's interior is adorned with beautiful tiger maple woodwork, showcasing the wood's distinctive appearance.

  4. John Singleton Copley's Portrait Frames: The renowned American painter John Singleton Copley, known for his portrait paintings, often used tiger maple frames for his works. The wood's vibrant pattern added an extra layer of sophistication to his masterpieces.

  5. The Nicholson House: Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, the Nicholson House is a historic home dating back to the 18th century. The interior woodwork features exquisite tiger maple paneling, which has been preserved and restored, showcasing the wood's timeless beauty.

The inclusion of tiger maple in these esteemed works highlights its unique beauty and captivating appeal. At Provenance Made, we strive to harness the exquisite allure of tiger maple in our knife designs, providing our customers the chance to possess a piece of this exceptional wood and embrace its storied legacy.

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