Our Mission and Values: Crafting Exceptional Tools with a Legacy of Reverence and Restoration

Our Mission and Values: Crafting Exceptional Tools with a Legacy of Reverence and Restoration

At Provenance Made, our passion for woodworking goes beyond craftsmanship alone. Our mission is rooted in a deep appreciation for ancient trees and old growth forests and the stories and cultural significance they hold within. We strive to create a legacy of reverence for the natural world while crafting exceptional tools with extraordinary performance, and actively working to protect and restore these invaluable ecosystems.

Our values are the guiding principles that shape our work, our products, and the impact we hope to make. They are:

  1. Crafting Exceptional Tools: We are dedicated to creating functional, high-quality tools with exceptional performance. Our craftsmanship ensures that each piece is not only beautiful but also serves as a reliable and extraordinary tool for its user.

  2. Reverence for Ancient Trees: Old trees and old growth forests are irreplaceable, ancient ecosystems that have survived fires, droughts, and hurricane force winds. Trees hold a wealth of history and serve as reminders of the world that existed long before us. We celebrate these majestic trees in our woodworking, showcasing their unique beauty, and ensuring their stories live on.

  3. Sustainability and Regeneration: We are committed to protecting and restoring nature, especially ancient trees. By using reclaimed and up-cycled  wood, we ensure that no new old growth trees are cut down for our products. Our efforts extend to supporting regenerative practices that work with nature to preserve the land, just as untouched ecosystems have done for centuries.

  4. The Beauty of Wood: Each piece of wood has its own character, shaped by the life of the tree and the experiences it has witnessed. We aim to honor the wood's inherent beauty by showcasing its grain patterns, textures, and unique markings in our work.

  5. Connecting the Past and Future: Our products serve as a bridge between the past and the future, allowing people to experience the history and spirit of ancient trees while inspiring a commitment to preserving and restoring these natural treasures for generations to come.

  6. The Provenance Experience: We want people to feel a deep connection to our products, understanding the stories and spirit that each piece holds. We believe that by showing how the past and future are linked with our creations, we can inspire greater appreciation and respect for the natural world.

At Provenance Made, we are proud to carry on the legacy of ancient trees through our woodworking. Each piece we create is a testament to the power of nature and the profound impact it can have on our lives. Join us in our mission to protect and restore old growth trees, and experience the transformative power of the stories held within our work and the exceptional performance of our tools.

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