Love for Old Growth Forests: Our Founder's Childhood Experience

Love for Old Growth Forests: Our Founder's Childhood Experience

At Provenance Made, our love for old growth forests runs deep, and it all began with our founder Michael's first experiences with these timeless giants. Growing up in a small logging town in Washington state, Michael was introduced to old growth fir trees through captivating black and white photographs. These images showcased massive trees with eight men standing across a single stump and the incredible efforts it took to haul these ancient treasures out of the woods using teams of mules, oxen, and steam engines.

There was a certain hardness to the people who worked in these forests, yet it seemed to be rooted in reverence for the trees themselves. Witnessing the sheer size and beauty of these old growth trees, Michael realized their irreplaceable nature. The awe-inspiring experience of standing beneath these ancient giants, knowing you will never see another like it in your lifetime, is humbling and enchanting.

As Michael visited these forests, he discovered remnants of the past on the very property where he grew up. Stumps of old growth trees with springboard cuts bore witness to the history of logging in the area. Walking through the forest, one can't help but be captivated by the enchanting sight of trees that seem to stretch on forever into the sky.

Our love for old growth forests at Provenance Made is a testament to Michael's early experiences and the profound impact they had on him. These irreplaceable, ancient wonders hold a special place in our hearts, and we strive to honor their timeless beauty in everything we create.

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