Experience the Forest: A Personal Reflection by Provenance Made's Founder, Michael Broaddus

Experience the Forest: A Personal Reflection by Provenance Made's Founder, Michael Broaddus

At Provenance Made, our respect for old growth forests comes straight from our roots. Here we explore these ancient forests with our founder, Michael Broaddus, as he shares his personal experiences and reflections on the spirituality and serenity of these natural wonders.

As you enter an old growth forest in Western Washington, you are immediately immersed in a world where sunlight filters through the dense canopy above. The air is damp, and the forest floor is covered with a plush layer of duff, making it feel like you're walking on a cushion of nutrient-rich soil. This layer has been built up over centuries from decomposing needles, leaves, and limbs.

The massive tree trunks surrounding you display incredible bark textures, and some even have hollows where they were struck by lightning or burned out by fires, but managed to survive. Animals make burrows beneath them, while fallen trees create a foundation for new growth. It's not uncommon to see young trees sprouting directly from the trunk of a decomposing giant.

In an old growth forest, everything works in harmony. The biodiversity is astounding, with a complex network of life that thrives among the ancient trees. Insects and plants feed off fallen trees, and mushrooms and other fungi flourish in this untouched world. It's a place where nature's innate wisdom is on full display, and every element plays a vital role in the ecosystem's balance.

The enchanting and spiritual experience of old growth forests serves as a constant reminder of the importance of preserving and restoring nature. At Provenance Made we are dedicated to protecting and restoring these irreplaceable ecosystems.

We invite you to share in the reverence for these ancient forests, as we work together to protect and celebrate these natural wonders. By supporting Provenance Made, you are also contributing to the protection of these ecosystems, as we proudly donate a portion of our proceeds to The Nature Conservancy. Together, we can ensure that the enchanting serenity of old growth forests endures for future generations.

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