The Connection Between Ancient Trees and Our Woodworking Craft

The Connection Between Ancient Trees and Our Woodworking Craft

At Provenance Made, our respect and admiration for ancient trees play a significant role in our woodworking. Wood is an incredibly beautiful material, and we believe that it's essential to honor its unique characteristics and the many benefits it provides to our planet.

Old wood possesses distinctive grain patterns and textures that tell the story of its long life. These trees have survived lightning strikes, forest fires, and countless challenges, and their resilience is visible in the wood itself. From the tight grain patterns to the marks left by birds, fungus, forest fires, or even bullet holes, each piece of wood has a unique tale to share.

We approach our woodworking with a deep appreciation for the history and beauty that trees provide. We take the time to carefully select and craft each piece, showcasing the stunning details left by the natural and cultural events that have shaped the tree's existence. This reverence extends beyond the trees themselves; it's about recognizing the stories they hold, the role they play in maintaining biodiversity, and the importance of preserving these irreplaceable ecosystems.

By using storied wood in our woodworking, we not only create functional, beautiful pieces, but also share the rich history and meaning behind them. Our hope is that, through our craft, we can help others see, hear, and feel the stories of these ancient trees and inspire a deeper connection to the natural world.

Join us at Provenance Made as we continue to honor and celebrate the timeless beauty and importance of trees and old growth forests, both in our woodworking and our mission to protect and preserve their incredible ecosystems.

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